Capcom nos entregó las primeras imágenes y un poco de información de quien será el primer personaje dlc de SFV.

Además de las capturas también se entregaron detalles de las habilidades que tendrá Alex en esta entrega manteniéndose en su estilo grappler, vale la pena recordar que el fight-money obtenido con el contenido base del juego debe ser suficiente para conseguir a Alex sin invertir dinero real.

A continuación la información entregada por Capcom:

  • Alex

Alex has been one of the most fan requested characters for Street Fighter Vand we’ve put in a lot of work to make him appeal to old school and new players alike. Having made his first appearance in Street Fighter III back in 1997, Alex is a brash grappler whose bold attitude tends to get him in trouble. His parents died while he was still young, so he was raised by his father’s friend, Tom, who taught him everything he knows about fighting.

In Street Fighter V, Alex returns as a powerful grappler that can inflict big damage with his close range Power Bomb command grab and his long limbs to fight from midrange distances. The threat doesn’t end there however, as Alex has a variety of special attacks that can cover a large portion of the screen for those times when the opponent keeps him out. Players looking for a methodical grappler who can do big burst damage up close, yet still do well at midrange, will find themselves perfectly at home with Alex.

  • V-Skill: Overhaul

Alex stretches and gets ready to land the next killer blow. Once Alex finishes his animation, the very next attack he pulls off will count as a hard hit and damage the opponent as if they were counter attacked. If that attack misses or is blocked however, he loses the hard hit bonus.

  • V-Trigger: Rage Shift

Alex channels his wrestling training and gains access to a brand new clothesline attack. This attack can be charged and during that time, it can parry an attack. Upon full charge, if Alex makes contact with a blocking opponent, he will break their guard, leaving them open to an immediate attack.

  • Critical Art: Heavy Hammer

Alex hits the opponent with a thunderous chop that knocks the opponent around. He then grabs them and takes them up to the highest of heights in a crucifix hold, only to viciously drop them down on their heads at the fastest of speeds.

De igual manera Capcom entrego nueva información referente al juego en general que podrás encontrar en el siguiente LINK.

Fuente: Capcom-Unity